"8 years old, living in Madagascar, I was an energetic kid who loved to create stuff, and be loud. Learning to play the drums became an eye opening experience for me, I finally had a creative outlet for self expression and an something to feed my curiosity. Ever since then, it kinda grew on me. . ."  

I've mostly known home as a traveler, both my parents being  field biologists meant they would do a lot of hands on research in these rain forests, hence why I lived in Madagascar. So throughout my life I've always felt like a foreigner which could sometimes be tough for a kid without roots. But having that experience did have a good side, it meant I was really able to explore and dive into all these different cultures,languages, and people, showing me parts an open and multicultural view on the world. And I think that has played a huge role in my music. Music was really thee most constant form of communication I've had both with the world around me, and myself. Having said that I do consider one of the corners of earth I've lived in my true home, Paris...

The Foreigner


"The City of Lights", this city will always hold a special place with me. It is where I met some of the most wonderful people and my life-long friends, learned a new language, grew up, and really took on music. I went to an international high school here, where instead of working on lab reports I wrote songs. In my opinion, I don't know why but music just sounds better in Paris. Like many depressed and confused creatives I used my art form as a sort of diary and way of understanding these emotions clearer with myself. It was at this point I realized how powerful the art of songwriting and creativity in music could be, so I began taking my music and my passion seriously. This place was just experience after experience, meeting new people, speaking a new language, discovering new food and art, truly a timeless place where atmosphere says more than words, and all of that translated into my songs one way or another, where hopefully it will remain throughout my life.  


I'm currently living in "The Old Smoke" London and I've gotta say that this is one of the most musical cities in the world. My favorite aspect of London besides its general appreciation for live music, is the multiculturalism of the people, talent, and art that's found here. Although I think it could use with a little more sunshine and warmth, the beer is great, the people are nice, and the music is everywhere. It's really a great place to study songwriting, meet and jam with new musicians, and enjoy the city life.