Over the past few years I've been involved in many different musical projects in the entrepunurial city of London; anywhere from setting up an Artist Collective program to being in a songwriting Folk Band.

Folkies is a four piece Americana group residing in the musical city of London, England. While they have the love of Folk roots music and songwriting in common, these four all grew up in small towns on different parts of the big globe so it seems one Italian, two Americans and a Brit can bring a lot of color to this band. They came together in the spring of 2015 while studying songwriting at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and ever since, they’ve begun to take a more traditional approach to the art of songwriting. Each of these writers and performers love to tell stories so though sometimes it can get a little loud the way that each of their own unique style shines through and blends in their writing makes each tune a journey through the minds and experiences of each member. From the sea of Lecce, to the diners of Memphis, to the countryside of Suffolk, this creative folk fusion group came together as they bring a new swing to such a timeless genre. That's Folkies.

Bare Face Productions

BFP was an Artist collective set up by Ben Meyers and some close friends in their first year of Music university. Inspired by meeting new passionate and talented musicians at university,the Project was designed to host musical events and encourage musical moments between strangers, through jam nights impromptu tube busking, and organized open mic jams.